The Dresden Files: Twin Cities

ZERO HOUR: Riding Hogs, Eating Long Pig

by Citizen Zero

What’s up, my fellow Nulls? CZ is back to give you the straight dope that the Man and the Media keeps hidden in their Truth Stash. And they’re holding tighter than ever before, because today’s blog is all about how their jackbooted thugs wound up on the dinner table.

Everybody’s seen the press about those patrol officers who were “savaged” by a “roving biker gang.” And yeah, Media actually got a few details right for a change. But they’re holding back a few key pieces of information…or should I say “bites” of information?


Careful with the link above, because it’s one-of-a-kind charts and photos from the autopsy of the two cops who got mauled by this supposed biker gang. Notice anything interesting about them? Like maybe the clear bite marks? Like this gang ritually sharpened their teeth and consumed the forbidden flesh, possibly to absorb the power and traits of their victims???

That’s right, this CANNIBAL BIKER GANG swung through the city and made a meal of two cops like they were making a pit stop off the highway. The evidence is right there, being covered up (as usual) because the Man can’t handle the fact that his thugs are no longer the toughest thing around.

Now, you all know me. Normally I’m the first one to say “Eff the Police,” but this is really messed up. Nobody deserves to be eaten for doing a job, even if that job is keeping the truth hidden from the people they’re supposed to protect. And that’s what’s even more messed up: that the Man thinks they can cover this up like leftovers and stuff it in the back of the fridge. Too bad for them, I’m only hungry for one thing: THE TRUTH.

City Hall is just lucky those freak bikers managed to burn themselves down in that ramshackle strip club, or else there would be even more half-eaten people to cover up. You can’t hide THE TRUTH behind a fancy Basilica funeral and pretty speeches, or this new so-called task force (more Stormtrooper thugs!).

That’s all for now. Keep asking questions, Nulls!



Hell yes, Citizen Zero! This is the shit that they are NOT telling us! You should look more into that fire too. Is it just me, or is it WAY TOO CONVIENT that this biker gang just happened to burn down the place they were at? Pigs using fire to solve their problems????


7rU7|-| |-|0U|\|D
That’s shit, u something utterly fucked? The burned out blood truck out in the burbs. Sources I hear were saying it was on the cloud, CZ.

Why was it on the cloud??


(Both are sent from different PC’s, from different IP’s)


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