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  • Egon Spiner

    A slight, middle-aged scientist, Egon possesses a propensity for balancing his skepticism with his open-mindedness to the possibilities of the strange. When he encounters something he doesn't understand, he is eager to quantify and catalogue it, even if …

  • Bernard Black

    The worst part of Bernard's day is when he has to actually deal with customers. Everything else is booze, cigarettes, caffeine, pastries, and maybe sleep if he runs out of everything else. He works hard to keep his shop clean of dangerous or questionable …

  • Michael Smith

    One-half of the most successful, most celebrated pair of Hunters in America. He's a slayer of monsters and a wooer of women, in that order, and he always gets his beast.

  • Walter Wesson

    One-half of the most successful, most celebrated pair of Hunters in America. He's a sensitive hunk who just wants to help people and make sure they know how amazing and sensitive he is.

  • Keegan Nzemba

    A priest sent to the Twin Cities to discover the truth behind the mysterious lights and the shifting of the ley lines. Father Nzemba has demonstrated both knowledge of and ability with the arcane. He is capable of opening ways to the Nevernever, and …

  • Jurgen Jout

    Jout represents a conglomerate of businesses and interests, primarily in the Arctic Circle, and keeps his offices in Saint Paul. He is famous for conducting business in the same way a bulldozer clears a crowded room: quickly, efficiently, and with little …

  • Mixxa

    Mixxa lives to make a deal. She can deliver anything you want, anything you need, as long as it can be distilled into liquid form. But despite her wheeling and dealing, she's careful to make sure she and the other Divas toe the line of the Laws of Magic. …

  • Bubble Bubble

    If you can dream it, Bubble Bubble can make it. She's the brains behind the Divas' production, and has a knack for turning everyday trash into the extraordinary. While her magic is strong, it's also slow; she has no real gift for Evocation, but if she …

  • Mackenzi

    Very little is known about Mackenzi. She has rich parents who are never around, she has her own way of viewing the world, she will always be there when you call, and she never eats red M&Ms because she's convinced they weaken the immune system. And she …

  • Kris Dyson

    Kris is the eldest of a family of eight siblings, and works hard every day to live up to the example his parents set: to be a good person, a strong man, a gentle caretaker, and a loving partner. The world doesn't always make it easy, but that doesn't mean …

  • Reid Dyson

    Second-eldest of the Dyson siblings, Reid is convinced that he and his newfound transformative powers are meant for great things. He can save the world, and he will save the world, as long as he can do it before curfew.

  • Johnny Snow

    Johnny Snow is the young, hip, extreme CEO of Xcycle, Inc, the extreme sports equipment company that sponsors events year round. If he can fly off of it, ski down it, jump up it, jump off it, or ollie over it, he's already done it.

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